Data Aggregation

Along with schema it would be good if we define also a way/system for data aggregation so that we could also use common services (like one huge map of all nodes from all networks with (near) real-time status data).

Web Service

Freifunk Node Database can be accessed as a RESTful webservice to either read or even manipulate its content. Example:

<nodes type="array">
<created-at type="datetime">2007-05-27T23:08:43+02:00</created-at>
<description>Technology: wrt</description>
<id type="integer">17</id>
<ip type="integer">167903489</ip>
<lat type="decimal">52.38613</lat>
<lng type="decimal">9.721763</lng>
<position nil="true"/>
<street>Am kleinen Felde</street>
<subnet-id type="integer">15</subnet-id>
<updated-at type="datetime">2009-12-27T00:55:56+01:00</updated-at>
<user-id type="integer">11</user-id>