Open Networks Interoperability Wiki

This site is as a common wiki, playground, drawing board, ideas thrasher and everything else for different aspects of open networks interoperability and cooperation. Feel free to read it, think about it and add to it (you need to register before later, though) and join discussions on our mailing lists:

Wiki is based on  Trac and if you are not familiar with it please read TracGuide and its WikiFormatting and if you are still have problems feel free to ask on our  mailing list. If you want to follow changes use notifications or timeline (with RSS feed).

Network Nodes Database

Work on interoperability of our network nodes databases so that we can interchange and aggregate data and use common tools to manipulate, analyse and display it.

IP Addressing

We have to work more on peerings and direct links between networks for content and service interchange if we want truly autonomous and independent networks. This is the place to work on that and map IP ranges to easier locate each other in IPv4 and IPv6 space and also to work together on our transition to IPv6.

Domain Name System

DNS is important part of making content and services of our networks available. We should work on interconnecting them to form common and independent DNS servers network for our own top-level domain.

Source Code

NOTE: due to different discussions on the mailing list, it was agreed that there is no common source code. See this  thread. It seems that every single community network wants to re-implement their own map and their own node database. However, it is possible to still have them interact with each other via a common API, which allows node databases to pull data or offer data in a common format . Currently there are two interesting ideas for such a common format. See this  discussion and see

Hardware & Hardware Hacks

Share expieriences and recommendations with off-the-shelf and also not-so-off-the-shelf and completely custom-built hardware.

Common Media

It would be good to publish links to our galleries and other media repositories with content useful also for others so that we can easier present to others and also between ourselves what we are doing and why we are doing it. (I hope to see and feel innovative and interesting projects which have been possible because of our networks.)

We face common legal and other issues and we can start collecting those and (proposed, tried) solutions for them here.


What are the main avenues of revenue, financing, sustaining the network economically.


Who are the people building the network? What is their main motivation?

Who are the people using the network? How do they integrate with the former group?

What is the social impact of the network on local society?

Common Access

For networks which require some authentication to/or allow access just to those who participate in the network we could share user information between networks so that if somebody contributes to one network he/she can access any other community network.